Procrastination… aka Not Looking for Job

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Not that I think you could actually look for work at nearly quarter past two in the morning. But yes, I have been procrastinating that. Mostly because I dislike the guy who is my consultant for various reasons I shall not get into.

Finally discovered why it was that when I created this blog that I couldn’t find the folder in my harddrive that had all my old(pre-2007…2006 at least… … …its been a long while) poetry. Chyeah… turns out I’d forgotten to transfer it over from my external HD at the time I’d transferred everything else over to the new computer.

Or having accidentally deleted the folder at some stage on my computer’s HD as I had originally thought.

So here’s a reeeally old piece (well four years is old) that came about due to being given the prompt of abstinence(as I can’t recall the other two words… though prolly is random and experience).


Take a random moment of life
Momentary lapse in abstinence
Creates a life long experience.

©29 August 2005-

Messing Around

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Just trying to get things all nice and sort-of symmetricalish… well trying to get it so that i like whatever the meta-texty stuff says and links show up.

I have like zero css knowledge.

Hello world!

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Humidity is a great big annoyance and should not exist.